Leiann’s Story and Yours

Let me ask you a question. Have you always known

about natural or alternative health?

Have you ever felt lost, not knowing what to do to help

 yourself or someone you care about?

Leiann King is a powerful motivator! She has mentored and trained thousands of individuals and families to have great health, relationships and businesses. Leiann is an energetic and informative speaker with a well spring of experience and insight. She is a California to Utah transplant, farmer’s wife and the Mother of four sons and five daughters. She started her first business when she was only 17 and make to the top 1% in her industry. She is a Certified Master Herbalist, Certified Iridologist, recent graduate in the raw food Teacher Training Course, and is an Internationally Certified Aromatherapist.  She walks her talk! An experience with Leiann will propel you to new experimental heights.


I haven’t always been interested, or even aware of alternative solutions to health problems other than going to doctors. When I was a child, I spent a lot of time in doctors’ offices, not for anything very serious, but if something contagious was going around, it seemed as if I always caught it. After many rounds of tetracycline (an antibiotic), my teeth turned dark almost black; luckily those were my baby teeth, but when my adult teeth came in they were still a dark grey. Shots, doctor visits, and many missed school days were my “normal.”

Fast forward several years. I married my husband Kent, a farmer and college student. Kent milked cows morning and night and took college classes during the day, studying for his double-major degree in agriculture and psychology.

We had two adorable little girls. Unfortunately, my daughters seemed to be following after me when it came to health problems. The difference for us was that our cows did not provide health insurance and my cow-milking/student husband did not have the income to pay for children’s visits to a doctor. The over-the-counter-section of the grocery store became my self-prescribed pharmacy. Some of these remedies seemed to help with symptoms, but my girls always seemed to have something ailing them. Often, we all suffered when side effects from meds made them groggy, whiney, or hyper—bouncing off the walls, and began interfering with their digestion, causing tummy aches and constipation.

I did not know how to get off that constant merry-go-round!

One day in church, I struggled to keep my antsy, runny-nosed girls quiet. Afterward, Barbara, an older woman new to our town, approached me. She sympathized with my struggles and offered to help me with my girls—if I wanted it. I was desperate, so I consented. She began telling me that for years she’d been the personal foot zone therapist for the renowned herbalist Dr. Raymond Christopher (now deceased) and had also studied under him. Well, I had no idea about foot zoning or what an herbalist was, but something inside me whispered, “Listen. Barbara is an answer to your prayers.”

Right then and there, Barbara pulled a cut-off pencil about three inches long with an eraser on its tip out of her purse. She then took my girls’ shoes off. I watched curiously as she started gently pushing the eraser end of the pencil in little circles along the toes and bottom of both my older daughter’s feet, and then did the same with the younger one. Barbara explained how the body has nerve endings on the bottom of feet that correspond with each part of the body, and by working on their feet, she was helping their bodies to clear their stuffy noses. It all seemed a little strange—but somehow very right, like it was natural and how things should be. Barbara asked if she could see us again the next day to tell me about some herbs—teas for them (and me) to drink. I agreed.

Barbara came the next morning—and the next, and the next. She would take me around my yard and teach me about the plants growing in it, which ones to use, and how to use them an eager student, I couldn’t learn fast enough. She gave me my first herbal books, and I read them like I was starving. The little health food store in the next town, ten miles away, became my second home. The mountains, meadows, and my own yard transformed into my personal university. Our family thrived as we began incorporating herbs in various ways. Right away we noticed that we hardly got sick anymore.

Soon, without warning, other moms started calling ME for advice. I would get calls at allhours of the day and night. After each call, I would often grab a few items from my cupboard that was filled with bags and jars of this and that and drive to the family in need and spend time teaching the mom and dad how to help themselves and their loved ones. A true teacher, Barbara had not just given me “a fish to eat,” she had taught me “how to fish”—she had shown me the “how to” of her art, which transformed my life. Which lead me to become a certified Master Herbalist and Certified Iridologist (a professional in the study and theory that one’s irises reflect various aspects of one’s health.)

As the years passed, our family grew to a dad and a mom with nine children. Growing and preparing our own food and collecting our own herbs became our way of life—our “new normal”—and we helped others do the same. About this time, my sister-in-law Debbie introduced us to tiny little bottles filled with what she called “essential oils” which she explained were “herbs distilled in concentrated amounts.” I was intrigued by what she had to say, but I perceived them as a waste of money. Why would someone buy such tiny little bottles when they could walk out their own back door and get whatever they needed in their own yard, or the mountains, a short drive away? How could one little drop work as well as the quarts of herbal teas we drank every day? Besides, my husband thought the oils stunk and didn’t want them in our house “smelling up the place.”

Now, I look back on our perception with wry amusement; after all, we were a family of eleven and farmers! Our house often smelled from any number of reasons—manure covered boots piled in the mudroom and ailing farm livestock, dogs, cats, sick calves, or lambs that frequently found a temporary home in our bathtub while we tended to them. We had fragrant herbs tied up by strings hung everywhere to dry, and our ever-present stash of onions and garlic—nature’s antibiotics—added to the “atmosphere.” All of this, combined with the waft of unpleasant aroma whenever the lid of our diaper pail opened! However, we were stuck in our perceptions; so we thanked Debbie politely, said no, and she went on her way—taking her little bottles with her.

Lucky for me (and I hope likewise for you), Debbie did not give up. She came over many times, extolling the virtues of these little wonders. She pointed out the fact not everyone is like me. They do not let “valuable weeds” grow in their yards instead of grass, and most people don’t live only a mile from beautiful mountains where they can joyously wander around, like Maria in the Sound of Music, picking whatever herb they needed. Soon I realized she was right. So…slowly, I tried them…one essential oil at a time. The first ones were from herbs I couldn’t get locally. My very first oil was Frankincense, which remains a favorite. I did not know much about essential oils then, except —if it burned, add olive oil to it. I dabbled with oils for a few years for my own family but didn’t really share them with others very much.

I found out that I loved helping people with the oils because they got results so much faster than with the herbs alone. Although I still love and use herbs every day, oils are now my go-to remedies.

Several years later, a friend invited me to a new oils company meeting. When I arrived, the speaker had completely forgotten the meeting and was out of state. I stepped up to the plate and gave my first class on essential oils. No one was the wiser, and they all signed up. So began an eight-year adventure of learning, teaching and selling essential oils. Other mentors came along who inspired me—in sales, public speaking, natural health, and personal development. One of the most important was my six-year mentorship with a traditional Native American teacher, Franzez (also known as Peyu Wisdom Keeper). My children and I went to Franzez’ home several times a week for hours at time while she taught us about our culture—we are Lenape (Delaware) and Cherokee. An important part of Lenape culture focuses on health and well-being, especially the use of herbs and oils, as well as fasting and sweats. She passed to me the responsibility of teaching our culture to others and keeping alive the wisdom of our Old Ones. I found the Native American teachings enhance and blend beautifully with my herbal and iridology studies. Truths from our Father in heaven usually do blend well.

My husband Kent and I started studying essential oils together and eventually spent every spare minute either studying or teaching about oils or helping others with them. As we grew in our use and knowledge of essential oils we decided to make it official and became Certified Aromatherapists. When Kent decided to blend his own oils, he would experiment with five to ten versions of every oil blend he worked to develop. My job was to smell each version, try it out, and give two thumbs up or my veto. He would test responses to his new blends on practically everyone who came through the door. It became a problem for our teenagers who didn’t want to have their friends “get hit by a drive-by of oils.” We had to put dad under strict orders to “ask first, oil-ize later.” Joking aside, Kent developed most of our blends for our own family and friends’ needs that we couldn’t fill with other oils. Soon other people wanted our oil blends, too.

If someone had told me 30 years ago that I would teach thousands about health, essential oils, write a book, and help provide financially for my family while doing what I love to do—helping others—I would have said, “You’re crazy! I am just a mom who loves her kids and also wants to help her neighbors. I will never do that!” Well, it happened. And if I can do such things, it is possible for others, including you.

You are a wonderful creation of our Father in heaven; He knows you are amazing, and it is time you found that out, too. Let this book be your teacher—and learn to help yourself,your family, friends, even strangers. You can transform your life and theirs, both physically and financially.

What if you could help others, have fun, make money,

and make a difference in the world?

How will you write your story?